Diesel Engine Maintenance and Carbon Cleaning

Diesels..You either love them or hate them.

Lets start by dispelling a myth.. A diesel car or van should not smoke. A smokey diesel is not normal. It may appear to be the norm, but if your diesel smokes, then contact us without delay, it's possible that it just needs some simple maintenance to get it running smoke free again.

A diesel car is designed for long journeys, motorway trips, and should be happy to be driven hard if maintained well. Diesels are not suited to regular town trips, school runs, and other short journeys.

Common problems and remedies for your smokey diesel -

A blocked EGR valve will not operate properly, and will greatly effect the running of your diesel car or van.

We offer a service whereby we remove the EGR valve, clean it, and refit it.

Our clients always notice the vehicle will then drive far better, greater performance, better economy, easier starting in the morning, and better 'pull away'.

Sometimes the EGR valve may have failed completely, and we can offer to replace the unit instead of cleaning it.

A full up or clogged DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) will greatly effect the performance of your car, and will likely put the car into limp mode, or prevent it from starting if excessively full. 

We offer a regeneration service whereby the filter is heated up to around 600+ degrees C and all the particles in the filter are burnt off, and the filter is cleared, making it like new again.

Sometimes the DPF may be pass the point where it can be regenerated, so we offer a service to physically clean or remove and replace it.

Whether we regenerate, clean or replace the DPF, very much depends on the make and model, and what is best suited to remedy the problem on the given vehicle.

Our customers are always amazed at the massive increase in performance after this work has been done. In addition it will eliminate smoking !

Please contact Shropshire Mobile Mechanic on 07922 627786 for a friendly chat and a quote for work on your diesel car or van.

example of diesel fuel filter.jpg

An example of a diesel fuel filter.

If you don't know when your fuel filter was last changed, check your service history today. The fuel filter is a vital component in your fuel system, and is often the cause of bad running issues. An old fuel filter will quite simply, not filter your fuel as required, and can lead to intermittent misfire or cutting out due to blockage of injectors by unwanted minute particles, and could lead to damage of your cars fuel pump.

Call us today for a price to change your fuel filter across Shropshire, parts of Mid and North Wales including Powys,

Parts of Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Parts of Gloucestershire, and many parts of Herefordshire..